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How to Recognize the Five Types of Tooth Cracks

April 1, 2018

Filed under: Restorative Dentistry — archway @ 2:16 am

There are five types of tooth cracks identified by the American Association of Endodontists. Identifying the unique signs of these five types of tooth cracks will help provide guidance for treatment.

How to recognize the five types of tooth cracks

1. Craze lines

Craze lines are fractures that occur in the enamel only and do not penetrate into the dentin layer. There are several factors that contribute to the presence of craze lines in the teeth. These include trauma or recurrent functional forces. Also, certain bad habits like ice chewing may increase the tendency for craze lines to appear in the tooth.


Teeth Bonding: How Is It Done and When Is It Used?

February 1, 2018

Filed under: Restorative Dentistry — archway @ 2:20 am

As far as dental procedures go, teeth bonding is one of the most non-invasive experiences that a patient can have at the dentist’s office. In fact, anesthesia is never used when applying composite resin to a tooth except when the bonding material is used to fill cavities.

Dental bonding is the application of a tooth-colored, putty-like resin onto a tooth that has been slightly damaged by decay, staining or chipping. It is also used to close slight gaps between teeth.