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Invisalign – Frisco, TX

Orthodontic Treatment Without Distracting & Uncomfortable Metal

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When you look at your smile in the mirror, is it hard to take your eyes off of your misaligned, crowded, and crooked teeth? Many patients avoid treating their orthodontic problems because the thought of having to wear metal brackets and wires in their mouth sounds unpleasant, to say the least. Fortunately, Dr. Deval Parmar offers Invisalign in Frisco. It’s a clear, comfortable, and more convenient treatment solution that allows her patients to straighten their smile without sacrificing their professional image. She has even undergone advanced training in Invisalign, allowing her to treat a variety of issues with ease! To schedule your consultation and learn how you can benefit from Invisalign clear aligners, contact us today.

Why Choose Archway Dental For Invisalign? 

  • Convenient Appointment Hours
  • Honest Dental Care
  • Multilingual Dentist

How Does Invisalign Work?

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When you visit our office for your Invisalign consultation, we’ll walk you through the entire process so you know exactly what to expect. First, we’ll examine the health of your teeth and gums and assess the severity of your orthodontic problems. Once we’ve determined that you can benefit from getting Invisalign in Frisco, we’ll collect impressions of your teeth to form a 3-D model that your aligners will be crafted in reference to. When we receive your aligners from our Invisalign dental laboratory, we’ll call you in to show you how to wear, clean, and care for them, so you can keep your mouth healthy throughout the treatment and achieve ideal results. You’ll wear your trays for 22 hours each day, only taking them out to brush, floss, eat, and drink anything besides water. Every six to eight weeks, you’ll return to our office for a quick progress check and to receive your next sets of aligners. These appointments will only be between 15 and 30 minutes long, so you can easily fit them in during your lunch break!

Indications for Invisalign

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Many patients aren’t aware that Invisalign can fix a variety of issues. Some problems that this modern orthodontic treatment can remedy are listed below.

Crowded Teeth

Teeth that are crowded together can be difficult to clean, leaving you at a higher risk of developing cavities due to bacteria and plaque accumulation. Invisalign trays align your teeth and make them easier to upkeep.

Gaps Between Teeth

Having spaces between your teeth can provide ideal hideouts for harmful oral substances to accumulate. They can also make you feel unattractive when you smile. Invisalign aligners can shift these teeth into their ideal positions, revealing a completed and gapless grin.

Bite Misalignment

Minor overbite, underbite, and crossbite can impact your digestion and cause you to develop harmful oral habits such as teeth grinding. All of these issues can be addressed and corrected with Invisalign clear braces.

Benefits of Invisalign

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Patients turn to Invisalign treatment in Frisco because the use of aligners over metal brackets and wires to straighten teeth offers so many more advantages. The most obvious quality that makes this treatment so attractive is that the aligners are made from clear plastic, meaning that when they’re worn, they’re virtually unnoticeable. Some other benefits that our patients are able to enjoy include:

  • Faster Average Treatment Time: The average Invisalign treatment time is between eight and 14 months. Traditional braces usually require 24 to 36 months to fully straighten teeth and fix orthodontic issues.
  • More Comfortable: Invisalign aligners are made from smooth plastic that is custom-formed to fit your unique oral structure. That way, you won’t have to deal with metal brackets and wires irritating your oral tissues.
  • Removable Convenience: Whenever you eat, brush, and floss, you can remove your aligners. Not only does this unique feature make it easier to maintain your oral health while you’re undergoing treatment, but you can also continue eating all of your favorite snacks. Just be sure to take out your aligners before you eat or drink anything besides water.

If you have any questions or would like to start your journey towards a straighter and healthier smile, request a consultation on our website! We also have an Invisalign special offer going on for new patients. It’s $500 off treatment, including free teeth whitening!

Living with Invisalign Aligners

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Now that you know a little more about the clear aligner treatment process – from how it works to the benefits of the discreet trays – you might be wondering, “But what is life with Invisalign actually like?” It’s a great question, and one you definitely want answered before signing on the dotted line. That’s why we’ve dedicated this next section to reviewing how often you need to wear your aligners, how to clean them, and more!

Wearing Your Trays

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Although Invisalign is relatively hassle-free, especially when compared to other orthodontic treatments, it’s still important to abide by all of the guidelines your dentist gives you. After all, if you don’t follow their instructions, like wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours a day, then you’re significantly more likely to experience delays in your treatment plan. In other words, it’s best to only take them out when absolutely necessary, like mealtimes.

Cleaning Your Aligners

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You want your clear aligners to stay clear, right? Then you need to take good care of them. That includes adopting habits that will keep them stain-free, like rinsing them with clean, cold water each time you take them out. Before you put them back in your mouth, you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush and clean water to gently scrub each surface. If necessary, you can use the cleaning crystals that came in your welcome kit as well.

Eating & Drinking

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Good news: you won’t have to cut out raw carrots, whole apples, and other crunchy foods from your diet during your orthodontic treatment! Just make sure to take your aligners out and store them somewhere safe, like their designated case, in the meantime. As your dental team, we also recommend avoiding foods and beverages that are packed with sugar since over-consumption can leave you with a mouthful of cavities.

Losing or Damaging a Tray

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Don’t panic! Whether your aligner is damaged or lost, we can help you find a solution that results in as little treatment delays as possible. The best thing to do is call our Frisco dental team ASAP. Over the phone, you can explain your situation and where you are in your treatment plan. Then, we can determine how to move forward, whether that’s having a new one made or having you move onto the next set of aligners a tad early.

Routine Check-Ins

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Your routine check-ins will be every six to eight weeks, and each one serves a very important purpose. Not only will we touch base with you to see how your treatment is going, but we will also scan your teeth to see if they are moving as anticipated. If they aren’t, then we can find a solution ASAP. If they are, then we will answer any questions you have and give you the next batch of aligners in the series.

Understanding the Cost of Invisalign

Clear aligner for Invisalign.

There isn’t a set price for Invisalign because there are several factors that influence the cost, such as the severity of your alignment concerns. On average, you can expect to pay more if you have complex needs because you’ll require more aligners; however, we offer several solutions to keep your treatment affordable. Besides our patient special, we also work with many leading insurance carriers to lower the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket. We’ll provide you with an estimate and discuss your payment options during your initial consultation.

Learn More

Invisalign FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Invisalign

Although you’d love to achieve a straight smile without brackets and wires, Invisalign in Frisco is a big investment. It’s normal to have a few concerns before you’re ready to commit to clear aligners. We’ll explain everything during your consultation to ease your apprehensions. While you wait for your appointment, here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions.

What does Invisalign look like?

You don’t have to worry about metal braces drawing added attention to your smile. Your cosmetic dentist in Frisco uses a digital impression system to fabricate a series of clear plastic aligners that are customized to fit your smile like a glove. The smooth, sleek plastic won’t irritate the inside of your cheeks or lips while discreetly moving your teeth. Your aligners will be visible when they aren’t in their mouth, but when placed over the teeth, they are very difficult to detect. You can maintain their translucent appearance by keeping them clean and using the right dental products. It’s also important to remove them when having anything except water to avoid staining your aligners. Some patients may require attachments, buttons, or elastics, which may be slightly more visible than your aligners.

How long does Invisalign take?

Every treatment plan differs, so there’s not a set timeframe for your treatment; however, it typically takes 12 to 18 months. Various factors influence the duration of your plan, such as if you’re treating both arches and the complexity of your case. Patients who need minimal adjustments can complete their series after 4 to 6 months, while significant tooth movements will require more aligners, so you can expect the process to take longer. Patient compliance is also important for completing your treatment on time. It’s best to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day and switch to the next one on time to avoid unnecessary delays.

What happens after Invisalign?

Once you’ve finished your aligners, you’ll need a retainer to maintain your results. Although no one wants to wear one, it’s vital to preserve your investment. Don’t worry, there are many types available to find a discreet solution that meets your needs. Initially, you’ll have to wear your retainer all the time, but you’ll gradually decrease how long it is needed until it’s only required at night.

What can I eat with Invisalign?

Many patients prefer Invisalign because there aren’t any dietary restrictions, like with metal braces. You can still have your favorite foods and drinks; however, you must remove your aligners when having anything except water. Eating and drinking with your aligners in your mouth can cause stains and damage the appliances. It can also compromise your oral health because food particles and plaque can get trapped between the aligners and your enamel. Your dentist recommends removing your aligners when eating and drinking. Store them in a safe place to avoid losing them. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth before putting your aligners back in your mouth.