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in Frisco & McKinney

Tanvi G.

My visit to a dental clinic started as it should for a person who avoids dentists, in terror! But Dr. Parmar was a genius in dealing with my anxiety and she treated my teeth with utmost gentleness! I didn’t get anaesthesia and still didn’t feel any pain! Must recommend!

Kima E.

From the moment I met Dr. Parmar, she made me feel at ease. She has the 3P’s that set her heads and shoulders above some other dentists that I have utilized in the past- Professionalism, Patience and above all, she is a Perfectionist. At each visit, I know that I will be taken care of with the care, compassion and expertise that Dr. Parmar consistently provides.

Reena C.

I love this place! from the Front Desk to the Dentists they all treat you like family. The team did a great job with my first visit, I can honestly say: it was one of my more pleasant memories at the dentist! Dr. Deval Parmar is very professional and extremely friendly. Very pleased, and I highly recommend you try this place out!
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