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GEHA Dentist – Frisco, TX

Learn More About Your GEHA Insurance

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At Archway Dental, Dr. Parmar is proud to be a GEHA dentist in Frisco who works to provide the services you need at a discounted rate. Offering a multitude of preventive treatments, she and her team will help you avoid many of the most common dental problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and even oral cancer. Because these more serious issues often lead to restorative and emergency dental care, Dr. Parmar will work closely with you and your insurance company to keep your out-of-pocket expenses low should you ever need more than standard preventive care. Call our office today to let us help you maximize your plan and save additional money on your oral healthcare.

GEHA Insurance Coverage Availability & Fees

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Unlike other more traditional dental insurance companies, GEHA works a bit differently. This is where many patients become confused and overwhelmed and where our team can lift this burden and help you better understand what is covered and at what percentage.

There are technically four “classes” of dental treatment. It is important that you understand these when preparing to decide on necessary dental care:

  • Class A: All preventive services are covered at 100% when seeing an in-network dentist, and you have no annual deductible for these services.
  • Class B: Minor restorative services are covered at 70-80% of the total cost. These are more advanced than preventive treatments, often including oral surgery and minor procedures. You will also need to pay a small deductible.
  • Class C: Major restorative services are covered at 40-50% of the total cost, and you will pay a deductible. These treatments include things like periodontal therapy or a root canal.
  • Class D: Should you have a child between the ages of 6-17, they can receive orthodontics, which you will be provided a monthly credit to cover the total cost.

As with any other insurance policy, it is advised that you see a GEHA in-network dentist, as this will ensure you save the most money for the services you receive. Since Dr. Parmar has pre-negotiated her rates, you will spend less than someone who is considered out-of-network. But don’t worry, we will still file all necessary paperwork and claims as well as provide the same great level of care for individuals who are out-of-network.

Meet Hillary

A female front desk receptionist smiling while helping a male patient prepare for his visit

Hillary is our “go-to” person for all things insurance-related. As our front desk receptionist and treatment coordinator, she is knowledgeable and skilled at helping patients better prepare for their upcoming procedures. From walking an individual through the treatment process to navigating their dental insurance policy, she will identify ways to help you save the most money as well as help you maximize your plan to the fullest extent. She enjoys helping individuals achieve healthier, more beautiful smiles, and works hard to alleviate the burden that often comes with the financial aspects of dental care.