Advanced Technology

At Archway Dental, our caring and compassionate dental team is here to serve your family’s needs. We are dedicated to patient-centered personalized care using the latest dental technology. It is our goal to improve our patients’ lives with accurate, gentle and minimally invasive dentistry. Learn more about the advanced technology and treatment techniques we use to help.

Intraoral Camera

For early and accurate detection of dental conditions, we use an intraoral camera to create high-precision images of your teeth.


This handheld scope allows our team to effectively examine your mouth and diagnose signs and symptoms of oral cancer.

3D Digital Scanner

Our office uses safe and innovative digital scanner technology to create highly-detailed 3D images of your mouth.


Our team uses the handheld CariVu digital detection system to examine your teeth for signs of cavities and decay. The CariVu emits no radiation and is safe for children and pregnant women.

Panoramic and Digital Minimal Radiation X-Ray

Safe and low-radiation panoramic and digital X-rays are important diagnostic tools that allow us to take detailed pictures of your teeth, tooth roots and jaw.

Precision Crafted Electronic
Hand Piece

We use an electronic handpiece that generates less noise and vibration, making your treatment experience more comfortable.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is a gentle, safe and effective sedation method that we offer to patients of all ages to help make them comfortable during treatment.

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