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3 Awful Things That Ruin Invisalign Treatments

December 27, 2022

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A dentist in Frisco explaining what to avoid during Invisalign treatment

At first glance, Invisalign is a straightforward procedure. After all, the trays only work so long as you wear them for a long enough time. However, this aligner treatment is pretty easy to delay or even derail. If you aren’t careful, you just might ruin it by accident. Fortunately, our dentist in Frisco can help keep things on track. Here’s a summary of three bad practices you should avoid while using Invisalign trays.


Are the Holidays Always the Worst Time for Teeth?

December 23, 2022

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A woman with good oral health during the holidays

The end-of-year holidays are almost here, so you’re likely excited about all the fun festivities. These might include gift-giving, family get-togethers, parties, and more! That said, not everything about this time is lovely. Certain aspects of it seriously harm your oral health. Indeed, your teeth and gums could suffer if you aren’t careful. Luckily, however, your Frisco dentist can keep that from happening. Here’s a summary of why holidays risk smiles, including ways to keep them from doing so.


5 Reasons Dental Implants Are So Successful

November 22, 2022

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a dentist in Frisco showing an example of dental implants

When considering a comprehensive solution for rebuilding missing teeth, dental implants are considered the ideal choice. Not only do they provide a durable, natural-looking, and long-lasting restoration for your smile, but they also boast a success rate of over 95%! But what exactly makes this tooth-replacement option work so well? Read on to learn five reasons dental implant treatment is incredibly effective from your dentist in Frisco.


How Visiting the Dentist Can Save You Money

November 3, 2022

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patient pointing towards her smile in Frisco

Did you know that your smile is often the very first thing that people notice about you? And having a bright, white, and healthy smile can work wonders for your overall confidence and vastly improve your quality of life. Dental insurance can play an important role in the safeguarding of your smile, but it’s completely up to you to take advantage of your benefits! After all, visiting your dentist in Frisco is certain to result in great things for your smile! But did you know that it can also greatly benefit your wallet? Here are three ways how.


Have a Sweet Tooth? Here’s How to Keep Your Smile Healthy This Halloween

October 4, 2022

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adult eating Halloween candy

Do you have the sweet tooth of an eight-year-old in the body of a 48-year-old? You’re definitely not alone, since many adults never give up their love of candy. You may not be compiling candy door-to-door in your costume anymore, but one way or another there’s a good chance you will have a lot of opportunities to eat candy this time of year. Here are some tips from your dentist in Frisco to prevent your consumption of Halloween candy from wreaking havoc on your teeth and gums.

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