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Improving Dental Implant Vocabulary Before Your Appointment

September 24, 2021

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dental implant and normal tooth illustration

Grunt, coddle, render, temper – while all these words may be more familiar to you in a different context, they are each cooking terms. Just as two cooks might use some of these words in conversation without a second thought, if you’ve made an appointment with your dentist for a consultation about something like dental implants, it is really going to help for you to understand the jargon.

Keep reading to learn some of the terms that might come up while discussing dental implants in Frisco.


This is attached to the top of, or built into, your dental implant. Serving the purpose of a connector, it attaches the replacement tooth, crown, or bridge to keep it firmly in place.


This clay material is hardened by heat to make dental implants. It offers more of a natural look than titanium, plus it is a great option for someone with a metal allergy.


A crown replaces a single tooth that may have been broken or lost. It is custom-made to fit atop the implant post, restoring the visible portion of the tooth. This allows the patient to smile and chew with confidence.

Common Types of Dental Implants

Endosteal implants involve a dentist surgically placing small screws, plates, blades, or cylinders into the jawbone. An eposteal implant rests directly on the jawbone for support and is mainly used when the risk of advanced bone reabsorption is high. Subperiosteal implants sit on top of the jaw with the posts of the metal framework protruding through the gum to support the prosthetic tooth.


This process refers to the fusion of the jawbone and a dental implant. It’s a key component of restoring chewing power and ensuring there is no embarrassing slippage when the patient smiles or speaks.


Most modern implants are made from titanium. Few people are allergic to it, plus titanium is lightweight and very strong. It can produce a lasting result by ossifying with bone.


When someone is allergic to titanium, zirconia offers a different implant option. Zirconia implants often result in better gum health.

It’s okay to ask your dentist what a word means during a consultation but getting familiar with these dental implant terms you should know helps you to focus on the advice being offered. That way, you can make the best decision for your oral health.

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